Genesis, Jesus and the Symmetry of Scripture

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Reading through Genesis recently I’ve been struck by the symmetry of Scripture.  There’s so much in the first 3 chapters of Genesis that anticipates the coming of Christ.  The beginning of Genesis concerns creation and fall, Matthew and the gospels concern recreation and redemption.  I turned this into a sermon recently. Here are a few examples.

Garden: Eden was a paradise is where humanity’s rebellion took place, Gesthmene was a place of suffering where Christ’s submission was completed (Gen 3.1-6; Matt 26.36-42).

Temptation: Adam and Eve were tempted to doubt God by the serpent int he garden and fell, Christ was tempted to doubt God by Satan in the wilderness and overcame (Gen 3.1-6; Matt 4.1f.).

Banishment: Adam and Eve were banished to ‘east of Eden’ away from God’s presence, magi came from the East to worship God the Son (Gen 3.21-24; Matt 2.1-11).

Angels: angels blocked the way back to Eden, Angels ministered to Jesus in the wilderness and the garden.

What other symmetries do you see?

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