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No, not altogether.*  Yesterday I announced my resignation from EBC.  It’s a pretty big deal for us after 8 years serving there.  That’s the longest I’ve been in a church and virtually the only church our kids have known.  In fact, 8 years is the longest we’ve lived anywhere in our adult lives.

So, what next?  I have no idea! I’m living a strange paradox at the moment, still feeling a strong call to ministry, but not feeling called to local church ministry, at least not as a paid pastor.  Last year (or was it the year before?) I heard a great sermon by Jeff Manion called ‘The Land Between’.  That’s become the chief metaphor for our lives at the moment – we’re leaving the fertile land of Egypt (please don’t read too much into that!) and heading for the land of milk and honey, but in the meantime we’re traversing the Sinai!  Or maybe it’s like Abram, ‘Go to the land I will show you.’

We’ve got 7 more weeks at EBC (after 8 years we felt we needed to give a good amount of time for the us and the church to prepare for this transition), and then 3 months long service leave.  Yay!  After that – I guess I’ll be on the job queue.  That’s scary after 15 years training and following one vocation, but I’m also excited about new possibilities for ministry.

* By way of clarification – yes, we are leaving EBC altogether, but we’re not leaving Church altogether.  Part of the journey is finding a new place to fellowship.

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2 thoughts on “Leaving Church

  1. Hey Alex

    The Deputy Principal of my seminary said I should never resign until I know where I am going next. Your story would be too scary for me, although I think I did resign from my first church before we knew where we were going.

    All the best, though.


  2. Hi Alex, I hope the transition into the next things goes well. In the meantime enjoy your long service leave. I will pray God opens the right door at the right time. Blessya, Dave

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