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I’ve been using the free version of DropBox for a while now.  I’ve linked it to my documents folder and sits quietly in the background keeping all my working and important documents backed up and accessible from my iPhone – very handy.  And if the house ever gets burned down and takes my onsite backups with it, at least I have the important stuff online.  I also have my password keeper synchronised between my and my wife’s Macs so that I don’t have to manage two different databases, and my own passwords are on hand if I happen to be using her Macbook.  Sweet.  But today I discovered something even better. 


SugarSync is very similar to DropBox in that it keeps your files and folders backed up to the web and synced across multiple devices.  But where Dropbox only backs up files in the Dropbox folder, SugarSync ramps it up by letting you sync folders from anywhere on your computer.  At the same time it’s just as easy, and a little more complicated than Dropbox. Huh?

Once set up, DropBox simply acts like another folder on your computer.  SugarSync can do this too, allowing you to drag folders and files into its ‘magic briefcase’ (corny, but I didn’t make it up).  Or, if you want to leave files where they are, you can open up the SugarSync manager and then drag folders into that – it won’t actually move them, just tag them for syncing.

Like DropBox, it allows you to share files with your friends and colleagues, and set up online photo galleries.  Here again it’s a little different in that DropBox requires you to move the photos into a the relevant folder to create an album, where as SugarSync finds folders with images in them and then lets you choose if you want to share them.  SugarSync then makes it a matter of a couple of button clicks to share photos on Facebook.  Noice.

The kicker for SugarSync is that, where Dropbox gives you 2Gb of online space for free, SugarSync gives you a whopping 5, and it’s referral system is offering an extra 500mb if you sign up using this link. If you use the referral systems to the full, both services will give you up to 10Gb free.

On that note, if you haven’t signed up for a DropBox account yet, why not do so and compare them for yourself.  It’s not going to cost you anything!  You can use this link and get an extra 250Gb to kick things off at this link.

I haven’t found any compatibility issues between SugarSync and Dropbox.  In fact, I have a SugarSync ‘magic briefcase’ inside my Documents folder, which is in Dropbox and haven’t noticed any issues.

Here are those referral links ago: SugarSync and Dropbox.

Disclaimer: when you use these links you’re helping both of us – you get bonus space, and so do I.  Let’s be friends.

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  1. ha! This is just a scam to get more memory for your dropbox…mmm.must try that myself!

    I reckon dropbox will have to match sugar…so hopefully they do.
    I have dropbox on my iphone now, its great.

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