Getting Things Done


(Previously reviewed on Goodreads)

Everyone who knows me knows that being organised isn’t one of my strong suits. Having heard of David Allen and the Getting Things Done approach, I thought it might be worth a look. In fact, a lot of productivity software is based around this approach.

The heart of Allen’s approach is the question, ‘What’s the next step?’ It’s about turning good ideas into actions. The process of getting things done is reinforced by lots of helpful advice on processing and filing (including the circular file) the myriad bits of information and tasks that come our way each day.

Typical of these kinds of books, there’s probably a lot more words than needed. The heart of the system is in the middle chapters, at least these were the ones I found most applicable. But the first and last parts reinforce the system and really give a philosophy and argument for the why, not just the how. Nevertheless, they could be skipped and great benefit still derived from the book.

For me this book has been immensely helpful and I’ll be revisiting it.


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